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Travellift Services

The Big Boat Shed utilises a 35 Tonne Marine Travellift with fabric slings to haul your boat out.


The easily accessible basin in Smiths Creek is only 5 minutes from the Cairns Marina and has bump pads throughout to protect your boat. There is also a floating dock close by if you arrive early.


The Big boat Shed has a range of hardstand options to suit your needs.


Undercover - Store and work on your boat within the fully concreted shed, out of all the elements.

The Igloo - A versitile mobile shelter which can be monouvered over any vessel for undercover storage

Concrete Yard - Your vessel may be placed on a concreted pad for the duration of your stay.

Bitumen Yard - Or choose the hardy bitumen hardstand 

Mini Storage

Need storage during your refit?? We have a number of differant storage options onsite, from 3mx3m mini storage to 5mx5m trade centres with mezzanines.


Mast storage is also available on elevated, protected racks onsite.


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