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Hardstand Options

Undercover Shed Stand


Refit your vessel in the shade and comfort of the undercover shed. With 3 large individual bays 20m long, fully screened and closed off to the elements. Don't let the rain delay your project!! Choose an undercover bay!


We also cater for large machinery repairs and repaints, which can all be done in the shed.

The Igloo

The Igloo is the latest addition to the array of hardstand options at The Big Boat Shed. This structure is completely mobile, sitting on 8 wheels, and can be monouvered easily to cover your boat.

With a internal height of 8meters and a length of 10m it is an extrememly versitile piece of equipment.

Most flybridge and express style sportfish boats will easily fit, along with any demasted yacht.

Concrete Yard Stand


Out the front of the shed is a large concreted area which provides a great strong and stable work platform for those not wanting to go inside.


Always swept and kept clean, this is a great area for the quick haul outs for annual maintenance.

Bitumen Yard Stand


The rest of the yard has been newly covered in bitumen. A strong and sturdy platform for any boat and any work to be undertaken.



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